SLINGSHOT Festival takes over downtown Athens, Georgia March 19-22, 2014

This year the 4th SLINGSHOT Festival will take place on March 19-22, 2014 at the downtown of Athens, Georgia. Aside from some intriguing collections of musicians and visitors, we will be hosting an international film festival where over 80 films with different themes and subjects are being presented here in the capitol city.

The festival is divided into eight sections: Music, Cinema, Art, Images & Photography, Design/UX/Business Processes, Food & Drink/Culinary Arts and Crafts. The Film section is a completely open one where every kind of film can be screened without fee or restriction. It’s a great opportunity for people to discover our beautiful city even if they do not know it well yet!

The main idea behind SLINGSHOT Festival is to bring together the best of the festival community and archival content to get you a chance to experience Athens in a unique, original way.

The main purpose of SLINGSHOT Festival is to break a “reel-to-reel” tradition. It brings together artists, filmmakers, musicians and other collaborators from all over the world who have contributed in creating something new out of old and timeless material. It’s also an opportunity for people from all over the world who are interested in art, music or vintage culture.

SLINGSHOT Festival is an annual festival dedicated to small and independent businesses. Over the years it has become a highly acclaimed event that draws thousands of visitors from all over the US and Europe.

Festival organizers have recently announced their plan to transform the downtown area of Athens into a “new world-class cyber-dine city.” This vision has been developed in partnership with local developers, and plans for a new scale mega-fashion, luxury hotel, outdoor amusement park and ultra high tech center are being implemented.

They are currently developing a huge commercial complex called LEAF (Love Entertainment & Food) which will be home to some of the top names in entertainment culture – such as Atlanta rapper Future, GQ Magazine’s founder Larry Flynt, award winning fashion designer Donna Karan, Grammy Award winner.

The SLINGSHOT Festival is a festival dedicated to fun. By taking the crowd on a fun filled journey of music, art, and food, the festival can make the Athens area more lively and appealing for potential visitors.

SLINGSHOT Festival is an annual event aimed at the young generation that is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of education and communication. By bringing them together for a two-day festival, we can inspire them through music, art, and so on.

The SLINGSHOT Festival is a series of events in Athens, Georgia that celebrates newcomers and local artists. It is the only event of its kind in the United States and one of only a handful worldwide.

For the last two years, SLINGSHOT Festival – A community of creative professionals, has been gathering in downtown Athens Georgia, to celebrate their creativity. This year they decided to expand their festival by building a new site. In addition to being an easy getaway for all involved in the creative community, SLINGSHOT provides a place where members can meet and collaborate while they are away from work.

As we have seen with previous festivals of this type, the days leading up to the event begin with a massive “fanfare” that signals people who have important appointments on Wednesday morning will be unable to attend. Since it is not possible for everyone who is scheduled on that day to attend, the organisers use another excuse as time grows short: “The weather is bad and we can’t hold

The concept of SLINGSHOT Festival (Solar and Light Industry Showcase) was in the works at the end of 2013 and officially announced on March 9, 2014.

Two leading companies were collaborating to bring this event to Athens, Georgia: Ascentia and Wunderlich Group. The purpose is to provide a showcase for the energy sector’s new ideas, products, businesses and its suppliers. This event aims at generating more interest among investors in the field of renewable energy. It will feature two days of exhibitions with around 90 exhibitors from across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia as well as workshops and networking opportunities – ranging from hot topics such as smart grid technology or co-generation systems to less known technologies such as solar power or wind turbines.

SLINGSHOT, the event that takes place annually in downtown Athens, Georgia every March, is becoming more and more popular over time. The festival is now a vibrant annual event with thousands of people attending. The event has proven to be an excellent marketing tool for businesses and local organizations as well as a source of inspiration for those who have lost their way in life.