SLINGSHOT Festival for the first time to watch on TV

SLINGSHOT Festival is an annual event organized by the city of Athens and SCANIA. The last event was held in 2017, and this year it is back on TV with a live-stream from downtown athens. While the main speciality of SLINGSHOT Festival is pure Greek street food, for this event SCANIA decided to bring F-Fi (a spinoff of Slingshot Festival) out to the streets again.

The first ever SLINGSHOT Festival took place on June 6th at the Atheneris Centre in Athens. About 250 attendees from 15 countries were able to attend and experience the festival for the first time. The festival was created by students of the University of Aalborg

SLINGSHOT Festival is a unique event, which gathers everyone with a passion for music and arts in one place on one day. It creates an opportunity to share knowledge and experience between people who have common interests and pursue different paths in life – a perfect environment to meet new friendships, form collaborations and build community!

SLINGSHOT Festival is a festival that takes place every year in downtown Athens. It was first held in 2014 and was organized by the American embassy. This event has become quite important in Greece because one of the main events is that of the Greek National Revival and therefore, it provides a platform for world renowned architects to display their works to the public in Greece.

The event allows Greeks to see great architecture, such as The Panathenaic stadium and Akti (National library) and it also allows visitors from all over the world to learn more about European history, parthenon and other ancient Greek monuments. Over 11 000 participants from countries like USA, Russia, France, Australia etc will attend this unique festival. The event offers visitors various opportunities through workshops and conversations with experts about ancient Greek culture which.

The main event of the year: SLINGSHOT Festival, which clearly showcases Athens’ downtown.

In March 2010 “The Washington Post” wrote an article about SLINGSHOT Festival for the first time to watch on TV. The article was titled “15 things to do in Athens this weekend”. Among those 15 activities listed were:

Each step of the Slingshot Festival is captured in video on television. The last minute stage will feature a real firework show!

SLINGSHOT Festival will be the first event of its kind in the city of Athens. In this festival, more than 200 start-up companies will present their latest products and services to over 1000 visitors.

Just a few weeks ago, we have the chance to have A&R Manager of one of the most prestigious music labels (don’t know it) in town, G.E.O.P. Showing off all his gear at the festival held on 3rd of September at Athens’ downtown area.

He brought his Sony F8500 Camcorder, PC and a DSLR Camera and all he wants to share is pictures from that event! We are sure that you will enjoy this video in its full size! We just hope that we can bring you an even better one with upcoming updates ๐Ÿ™‚

“Slingshot is a movie about a failed, chaotic and unpredictable ride on the incredible all-day festival. It was supposed to be ended by the end of the show in Athens, Greece. But it is still going on”.

A city where people gather to celebrate and celebrate with each other. A great place to be, to live and to be young.

This film was made in the run-up of the SLINGSHOT Festival promising future of Athens as an international city.

SLINGSHOT Festival is a festival for art, music and culture. It takes place in downtown Athens.

It was founded by artist Orestis Koutsonis who saw the need for a festival that would take place in downtown Athens, just like the ones held in other major cities of Greece. The first edition of SLINGSHOT Amsterdam took place in June 2014 at Hotel Domaine de Luxembourg, Amsterdam and involved artists from Greece, Croatia and Italy. In 2015 it was decided to move the festival to Athens where one of the organizers at that time became a publicist at event organizer TENT Europe as well as producer of events with her previous event organizing career.

The SLINGSHOT Festival is a monthly fashion event aimed at the local hipster. This time, itโ€™s about to be broadcast on TV.

With the growing number of festivals, especially those that are in downtown, the need for large screen has increased. And on the other hand, TV-editing is becoming more and more expensive.

SlingShot Festival is a small festival that will be held in downtown Athens. On June 7th it will be screened at 9pm on multiple locations not only in Athens but also in nearby cities such as Patras and Thessaloniki.